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If you wish to enable recurring payment by credit card, you will need to ensure that our system has your credit card information.  

1. Login to billing area >

2. On the bar at the top, click on "Hello, xxx" (where xxx represent your name). Select "Payment Methods".  
 Modify Credit card

 3. Click on "Add New Credit Card" and follow the remaining instructions shown to add your credit card information.

Modify credit card 2

All credit card information are stored with our 3rd party credit card processing merchant which are compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) and securely using Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS).

Kindly send an email to to request for recurring payment.  

Once the recurring payment has been enabled, our system will auto process payment 1 week before the due date.

To access emails that APC has sent to you, kindly use the guide below:

- Log into your APC billing account at 

- On the left side under "Your info", click on the "Update" button.

- Click "Email History".

- From here, you can view emails sent from APC here.

In addition, to ensure emails are received in your registered email account, you can check your junk/spam folder and whitelist domain at your email vendor so that APC emails sent to you do not get blocked.

You can reset your billing account password here:

To add/update sub-contact details, please refer to the below guide.

1. Please login your billing area at
2. Click on the green "Update" button.
3. Click on "Contacts/Sub-Accounts" tab on the left.
4. Proceed to update your details.
5. Click on "Save Changes".


If you wish to remove a sub-contact, please refer to the above steps 1-3.
Next, choose the sub-contact you wish to delete from the drop-down menu.
Once done, click on "Delete Contact".

Our invoice are e-invoice. If you wish to have the invoice as PDF or print it out, you may use the following guide on how on how to do so.

- Login to

- Click on "Billing" and select "My Invoices".


- A list of invoices will appear and you can select which invoice you wish to retrieve.


- After you have selected the invoice, scroll down to the end of the invoice page and if you wish to download, click on "Download" or click on "Print" if you wish to print it out.


If you have any queries, please send to


To retrieve the addon service information (in this case it is dedicated IP) that you purchased for your main service, please use the following guide:

- Login to our billing area >

- Click on "Services" on the top blue bar and click on "My services"


- Click on the service that the addon (in this case it’s the dedicated IP) is purchased on.


- Click on "Addons" under "Overview". The addon information will be shown.

To update your main contact details, please refer to the below guide.

1. Please login your billing area at
2. Click on the green "Update" button.
3. Under "My Details" tab, you may proceed to update your details.
4. Click on "Save Changes". 


To request for cancellation of your hosting service, kindly proceed to log in to your billing area and refer to the steps and screenshots below.

  1. Under 'Services' tab, select 'My Services'.
  2. Next, locate your service and click on the service.
  3. Click 'Request Cancellation' on the left hand side under 'Actions'.
  4. Under the "Cancellation Type" please choose either 'Immediate' if you wish to have the service terminate immediately or 'End of billing period' if you wish to have the service terminate on the due date.

    Please note that once termination takes place, you will not be able to login to the server to retrieve any data. Kindly do the necessary backup before placing the cancellation request.

  5. Once done with the above, click on the "Request Cancellation" button.





If you have domain service with APC and wish to cancel that as well, kindly visit this url 

If you wish to cancel your domain service with APC, kindly follow the guide below:

- Login to our billing area >

- Click on "Domains" > "My domains".

- Under the domain that you wish to cancel, click on the tool icon.

- Click on "Auto renew" on the right side. Under the "Auto renewal status", you will see it is "Enabled". Click on the red button, "Disable auto renew".

- Once the page has refreshed, under the "Auto renewal status", it will say "Disabled".

- Once the action has been performed, our system will cancelled the invoice if it has been generated. If our system has not generate the invoice for you, then you will not receive any invoice for the domain renewal.

Using available Credits

If you have credits in your account, you can use the available credits to pay for the invoices.

Login to our billing area >
On the main page of the billing area, click on "Invoices".
Select the invoice you wish to make payment for.
You will see an "Apply Credit" section. Kindly ensure the amount of credit you want to apply to this invoice is correct and click on "Apply credit" box. 

If you still need to top up the remaining amount, kindly use the methods mentioned below. 

Payment by Credit Card

Please refer to 

Payment by other Payment Modes

You may make payment through other payment modes. For details, please refer to

Once payment has been completed, kindly send an an email to with the following information:

1) Date of Payment
2) Mode of Payment
3) Payment Amount
4) Transaction Code for your Payment
5) Invoices you are paying for
6) What bank was the payment made from

You may follow the following guide to upgrade your shared or reseller hosting to the next higher tier plan

- Login to our billing area >

- On the top blue bar, click on "Services" > "My Services". 

- Click on the current hosting account that you wish to upgrade.

- Take note of your current billing cycle and click on "Upgrade/Downgrade".

- Decide on which package you wish to upgrade and select the same billing cycle in the dropdown menu and click on "Choose product".

- You will be presented with the prorated amount you need to pay. Decide on which payment method you wish to use and click on "Click to continue". 

- The invoice will be generated and you may proceed to make payment.

Kindly note that we can only upgrade your service once payment is received.

To make payment by credit card, please use the following guide. If you wish to make recurring credit card payment, you can inform us at

1. Please login to our billing area >

2. Click on "Invoice".

3. Click on the invoice that you wish to make payment.

4. Under "Payment Method" ensure it is selected as "Credit Card" and click on the green "Pay now" button on the top right of the page.

5. If the billing address is not correct, click on the "Change" button and fill in the rest of the information shown on the page and click on "Submit Payment" and follow the rest of the instructions shown.

To purchase Dedicated IP for your service, kindly use the following guide:

- Login to our billing area >

- On the top blue bar, click on "Services" > "My services"


- Click on the service that the addon is purchased for.


- Under "Addon & Extras", kindly ensure the drop down menu is selected as "Dedicated IP" and select "Purchase & Activate".

- You will be shown the shopping cart where you can review the order. Once you are ready, click on the green "Checkout" button and follow the rest of the on screen instructions.

The dedicated IP will be provision to you once payment has been received.

In this example we will use two terms, owner and new person.


Owner: The person who presently holds the ownership of the domain name and service.

New person:  The person whom you want to transfer the ownership for domain name/hosting service to.


Step 1. The owner will need to ask the new person to create a new billing account with us using this link >


Step 2. After create the new billing account please let us know the new email address of new person eg.


Step 3. To transfer the domain name/hosting service, the owner must initiate the transfer request by sending us an email to with the similar content: “I wish to transfer my domain/hosting service to this person, whom will be taking over the ownership”


Step 4. Once the transfer is approved, the domain and hosting ownership will change. The domain name and hosting service will be removed from your account and will be transferred to the new person’s account. 


Step 5. After that the new person need to login our billing area > to update domain contact information Eg. domain registrar email, contact and others. For ownership of hosting service our system will send the provision email to the new person’s email. After completing step 5 the new person is the official account holder of domain name and hosting service.


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