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Unfortunately it is not possible to upgrade just the bandwidth. You will have to upgrade to the next tier plan if you require more bandwidth/disk space.

Yes. For cPanel, you can purchase a Dedicated IP to preview your website. Note that there is no preview link in cPanel due to security issue.
For Plesk, there is a preview link for you to preview your website. However, the preview may not display correctly due to Plesk control panel limitations. If the preview does not display correctly, you can purchase a Dedicated IP to preview your website.

The email size and attachment limit is 50MB.

You can send 400 emails per hour on our shared hosting.

Once you have signed up with our hosting service, you may log in to your cPanel/Plesk control panel and follow the steps below to upload your files.
  1. Click on "File Manager".
  2. Click "Upload".
  3. Click on "Select File" button and select your backup file.
Alternatively, you can also use FTP to upload your files by referring to the steps below.
  1. Download Filezilla here:
  2. Once you have downloaded Filezilla, you can use the FTP login information which is provided to you in the provisioning email to login to Filezilla.
  3. You can now select your files to upload.

We support a range of server-side scripts & technology on our Shared Hosting. These include IIS, Apache, PHP, Perl, CGI, Node.js, Git, .NET, ASP.

Please refer to the respective services below to find out what are supported for each type of hosting service.
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