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We do perform regular system backups for our shared hosting services. However it is not available for customers to use as it will only be activated in the event of a disastrous failure where we will restore the entire server. Although our system backups are not for customers' usage, if you wish to utilize or restore from our system backups, there will be a one-time admin fee for the restore. It is advisable to perform your own backups.

Our system does not do backups for VPS/Cloud/Dedicated Server and customers will have to do their own system and database backup. You can purchase our Backup Storage and perform your own backups. In addition you may purchase our Backup Software if you require it.

If you purchase VPS/Cloud/Dedicated Server with cPanel/Plesk control panel, you can use cPanel/Plesk backup tools to schedule your backup automatically.

Simply sign up for a hosting plan with APC. Once payment is made for invoice, our system will send you a provisional email which contains the information for the nameserver.

Next, you can seek assistance from your domain registrar to change the name server to APC’s name server which is mentioned in the provisional email.

Once the nameserver has been changed, do allow 24 to 48 hours for the propagation to complete. Once the propagation is complete, you can start using our web hosting services.

Yes, it is possible. You can use the add-on domain function in your control panel. However, we do not recommend this as the performance of your website will be affected. This is due to the add-on domain sharing the same resources (eg. disk space, bandwidth, etc.) as your main domain. 

If you wish to host multiple domains, we advise you to take up our Reseller hosting plan.

Linux Reseller Hosting –
Windows Reseller Hosting –

Unfortunately, it is not possible to estimate the disk space you require base on looking at your website as we do not know the size of the image or videos you may have on your website. You will have to check with your developer the amount of disk space you require.

Alternatively, you can take up our basic hosting plan and you may upgrade to the next tier plan in future if you require more disk space.

Yes, Antivirus software is installed on the server for our shared hosting services. 

For non shared hosting services (VPS/Cloud/Dedicated Server, etc.), we provide optional Antivirus software at an additional cost. Please send us an email to for more information.

Let’s start with the migration of website. First, you will need to backup your website by generating the full back up from your current cPanel or Plesk control panel with your existing provider. 

Once the backup is generated, download the backup file to your computer.

Next, you may proceed to purchase APC’s shared hosting service of the same control panel (cPanel or Plesk) which the backup file is generated from. 

Once payment is made for the invoice, our system will send you the provisional email which includes the information you need to login and upload your backup file.

Finally, you can inform us by sending an email to to inform us to proceed with the restore process. 

If you are using Outlook and require the backup steps, you can refer to this URL:

Yes, APC Hosting's network is protected by both network level and data center level. Our DDoS detection & mitigation services are supported 24/7 by Security Operations Centers team to stop attacks in real time even before reaching our network.

Once a DDoS attack is detected and has been confirmed to be an attack, the attack traffic will be redirected and stopped before reaching APC's network. If you would like to know more, please visit

Therefore, our network is protected and this ensures the highest possible level of business continuity and resource availability during a DDoS event.

However in the event of DDoS attack and after informing clients where the attacks still persists due to a possible security weakness in their servers, this is considered abuse and we will need to request them to move out in order to prevent further malicious attacks to our network.

Yes, we provide 24/7 Technical Support through our ticket & live chat system.

Acknowledgement of enquiries will be within 1 hour.
Problem resolution will be within 4 hours response time.

For network failure, it will be as per our Network SLA on
For hardware failure, it will be as per our Hardware SLA on

Yes, our servers are hosted in Singapore. 

Our Datacenter, STT Jurong, is located at Jurong East in Singapore. More information about our datacenter can be found in this URL:

Yes, prices are nett. There is no GST.

APC Hosting can assist with your migration if you have purchased a new Shared Hosting or Reseller Plan.

To request for the migration assistance, please contact us at to fill up a migration form and to schedule for a migration time slot. This is so that we can have all the required details and to ensure you have purchased a compatible hosting plan for the migration.

With cPanel or Plesk,

Our migration team is able to provide migration assistance for customers with a compatible version of cPanel or Plesk control panel.

  1. Log into your existing control panel (cPanel or Plesk) with your current hosting provider. Go to "Backup" section to generate a full cPanel or Plesk backup.
  1. Once you have the full backup, upload it into your new hosting account for us to complete the migration at the scheduled time slot.
  1. For Shared Hosting Plan, APC Hosting will provide migration for the first 10GB for free. If you have purchased the Reseller Plan, we will provide free migration assistance up to 10 accounts (limited to a total of 10GB).

Without hosting control panel,

For customers without control panel, we will be able to provide a basic migration of your static files (excluding databases & emails).
  1. If your current hosting does not have cPanel or Plesk control panel, we will migrate your static files over to your new hosting account at the scheduled time slot.

We also provide initial migration assistance for VPS/Cloud/Dedicated servers with a compatible control panel. If you need further assistance or require additional customized migration support, kindly contact us at for us to assist you. Additional professional migration service is available for purchase.

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